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Leila Bailey-Stewart

Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer capturing moments with a "Personal Touch"

"I like to capture natural moments for individuals and families. My goal is always to create memories that have a personal touch and that will last a lifetime."

About Me

My love of photography began in high school. I remember when my art teacher first walked me into the darkroom. Although it was dark, it felt like a bright light illuminated the room. My teacher became a magician and I was a student of his craft. After he casted negative shadows on to a white piece of paper, I watched him dip the blank piece of paper in to what seemed like terribly fragrant water and lift out an incredible work of art. He raised the paper and hung it on a string with two wooden clips and said, “That my friends is how we will make photographs!

Understanding the “development process” lit a fire inside of me that still burns brilliantly through my use of digital photography. Photography is more than a hobby or work for me; it’s the creative outlet that best allows me to express myself. My favorite thing about photography is it gives me the opportunity to emphasize the unique beauty that exists within each individual.

I love people. Each time there’s a camera in my hand I am inspired because I am helping someone capture expressions and emotions that they would otherwise miss. My approach is to observe your natural interactions through life and to help you see them in way you never have before. I am a great choice if you are looking for someone who will take the time to build unforgettable memories for you to keep for a lifetime.

I provide a variety of services ranging from infant and toddlers to engagement sessions.

Top 5 Tips

1. More expensive doesn't always equal better. It's more important to connect with a photographer you like and who meets your expectations than one you don't. There are plenty of people who can take an amazing photo but it doesn't always mean you will get the moments you are looking for!

2. Set up time to meet or talk to the photographer before any session.

3. Feel comfortable asking relational questions.

4. When you look at the photographers work, look for style and quality vs. the exact poses or backgrounds.

5. Be vocal about what you are looking for and allow the photographer to ask you questions. The best matches are mutual.


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"Leila was able to perfectly capture the personality of our 20-month old daughter, which is no easy feat seeing that she doesn't stay still for long! Leila came to our house which was great so that we were all comfortable and the shoot was fun and easy. The pictures were turned around quickly and we loved the results. The colors and lighting were amazing. Our favorite picture of  our daughter captures the essence of her: happy, silly and beautiful!"

Megan & Dean, MA

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"Leila took photos of our son when he was just one month old. We were impressed with how she came prepared with original ideas not cookie cutter poses. She was very patient with our son who was cranky and cried throughout the whole shoot however you could not tell given the outcome of the photos. The pictures were beautiful and breath taking. We were beyond satisfied with her service and would recommend her."

Crystal and Abram, NY

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"Leila’s photography of our son for his high school graduation was creative, to say the least. She truly captured the essence of who he is through her work. She used a variety of settings and a variety of items from Jon’s life (some of his art, his skateboard, his dog, his brother, and his favorite jacket) to tell a story. Once the photos were shot, she used several techniques to bring out the mood of each photo. Leila’s work was truly a notch above the rest."

Sarah and David, MI

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"I was hesitant to take maternity pictures because I am usually not one to like being in front of the camera. Looking back I am glad that I did. Leila did an excellent job. Not only did the pictures come out amazing but her creativity and love for her work came through in each shot. Her warm personality made my experience a comfortable one. I loved every picture so much so that I asked Leila to do my newborn pictures. She surprised me all over again. I have gotten so many wonderful comments on all of her pictures. I will be calling her to do more pictures!"

Erika, NY

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"Leila has a way of making you feel relaxed and seeing opportunities between her subject and the environment. She is able to articulate her vision while allowing for the natural and serendipitous to occur. I was skeptical of some of the spots she chose, the "poses" she recommended (though for the most part she just let me be me, talking to her) - but in trusting her, I was really happy what she masterfully captured."

Bessie, MA

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"Our photo shoot experience with Leila was amazing! She captured beautiful shots of our children doing what they do best -- playing and, well, just being kids. In addition to the great photos of the kids, Leila managed to get a handful of all four of us together, which is not easy to do since we are always moving (and looking) in different directions. Leila sent us the final photos in no time at all, and she also took the time to personally show them to us. We were so pleased with every photo and we can't wait to work with Leila again!"

Ashley & Adam, MA

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"Leila came to my home for the photo shoot, not only did that result in very personal and memorable photos, but it allowed my four year old Son to feel comfortable which allowed him to open up. Leila's ability to engage my Son and her unique eye in catching those great "moments" between him and I resulted in outstanding photos and an outstanding experience. I highly recommend Leila and look forward to working with her again in the future!"

 Peter, MA

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